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Mater Health Services comprises several hospitals, health centres, a world-class medical research institute, pathology and pharmacies. Energy is a major theme of the sustainability at Mater Health. In this initiative, introducing energy efficient lighting resulted in reductions in energy use at Mater Health.

Oh No

Big buildings such as hospitals require a lot of electricity to run and the costs can be enormous. One area where Mater Health saw opportunities to make changes to a more sustainable and energy efficient way of running was to substitute energy hungry lights with energy efficient varieties. When working with lights in bigger buildings, there are many ways to make a difference!

Oh Yes

Mater Health evaluated the energy savings from changing T8 fluorescents to long life T5 fluorescents. The new lights came with specialised adaptors so there was no need to change existing light fittings (a cost saving). A meter measured energy use in the designated area pre and post installation and showed that a reduction of more than 30% was achieved!

Following the initial trial, 2993 lights were changed to the long life T5 fluorescents. This was the first lighting project at Mater Health and it proved to be successful in reducing energy use, cutting emissions and reducing costs.

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