Renewables for everybody

Wind turbines go round and round, what if the money to finance them did too? 

What’s up

Solar supporters! Wind turbine fans!

We know you’re out there, because there’s a record-breaking number of you investing in clean energy. For the 3.5 million households who installed solar on their roofs just last year, the finance already makes sense. And that’s important: If we’re going to get to net zero, our whole energy system needs to change.

What’s down

But the problem is, you still need to make an initial investment before payback timelines make it worthwhile. And for a number of different parts of our society, this is just a no-can-do.  The initial investment hurdle is blocking some people from making the jump into something that will ultimately help them - and all of us.

One societal area facing this challenge is small community groups: You know, the groups who provide us with fun things to do, spots to play, places to learn and radio to listen to. Organisations like these tend to work without much buffer. And a future investment would be an especially hard thing to commit to. But these are also the organisations we need in our future.

So, what if there was a way to accelerate the uptake of renewables, while reducing the energy bills of the folks who need it most?  

Drumroll please

Once again, everyday Aussies have come up with an ingenious solution – using bite-sized contributions from individuals, to build renewable energy projects for deserving community groups, setting them up with clean, affordable energy so they can focus on spending funds on the things that keep them going.

That’s the CORENA approach - and it’s going gangbusters. If you’re keen to join their groundswell of future thinkers and doers, or if you know of a community group that could really benefit from this, check out their website for more info.

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