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Kooweerup Regional Health Service (KRHS) is a 72 bed, small rural health service providing healthcare for communities in outer southeastern Melbourne and adjacent rural areas. It is the only hospital within the shire of Cardinia. KRHS is a Health Promoting Hospital which is means it is focussed on wellness, not just illness, is responsive to the needs of the community and supports community projects such as the Community Garden and Men’s Shed.

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A lot of energy is used to deliver health services, and there is often a lack of awareness and understanding about the importance of conserving energy amongst hospital staff. Environmental sustainability is seen as an optional extra and not core business of the health service.

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Through a range of initiatives involving infrastructure, engineering, education and behaviour change, KRHS has worked to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions. They installed solar panels for hot water and ozone technology in the laundry to reduce need for hot water washing. Solar tunnels and light sensors were installed in all clinical storage areas across the organisation.

Through strong leadership, staff awareness and education, and partnerships built with health, education, local government and community agencies, KRHS was able to achieve a lot!

KRHS plans to install more LED lighting throughout the whole health service, as well as promote behaviour change among all staff to support sustainable practices.

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