A creative community approach

You may have heard Generation Yes bang on about 'the plan' for some time. The reason we do, is because we know it's important. Not only does the plan show the way, we know it works and we have plenty of examples to prove it.

Whats up

And it’s not hard, people! Energy efficiency may not sound terribly sexy, but it is still one of the easiest, lowest cost ways to lower bills and greenhouse gas emissions, delivering loads of bang for buck. This is why it is the first step we recommend in 'the plan'.

It may come without bells and whistles and can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked.  So when we hear stories like the following, it makes us want to shout YES from the rooftops!

What’s down

We know that there are many towns and households around our country where people are fighting to keep the lights on, due to ever-increasing power bills. Junee in NSW is one such town – with the 5th highest disconnection rate in the state due to energy poverty. This is a community where people are switching off their heaters during winter with direct impacts on their health and wellbeing.

Drumroll please

Refusing to be disheartened, the local Junee community has banded together to tackle the heart of the problem through an initiative started by Junee Community Power, a local community group whose goal is to help local residents take steps along 'the plan'.

Year 9 and 10 students from the local Junee High School will build on a previous study done by CSIRO and then use blower technology provided by Charles Sturt University along with infrared cameras, to identify cracks and find where hot air is seeping out of homes. Students will start out working with older members of the Junee population, helping those who tend to be home during the day by creating cost-benefit reports to help residents reduce their households energy use, while allowing them to keep critical appliances going.

After completing their investigations, the kids will be equipped to lead their community toward a far more energy-efficient future. That scores a big YES from us!

Think nothing can be done about climate change? Think again.

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