Yes, It's Already Happening

Solar on a student budget

Flying in the face of the common belief that renters (and low income renters at that) can’t afford or justify pursuing solar power for their apartment homes, a Sydn...

Electric vehicles a no brainer

Electric vehicles can be powered by renewable energy and could reduce emissions from transport to help Australia meets its Paris Agreement commitments for les...

A few words on Trump and Paris

We’ve noticed lately that the news has been pretty heavy with predictions and dire warnings in response to US President Donald Trump’s expected but noneth...

Australia's first electric bus

In August 2016, Australia’s first fully driverless and electric shuttle bus, the RAC Intellibus™, hit the roads in South Perth as part of an exciting trial.

The House with No Bills

The House with No Bills is being built in the Melbourne suburb of Cheltenham, and is part of Mirvac’s overall sustainability strategy, ‘This Changes Everything’.

Adelaide's solar airport

1.17MW is added to Adelaide Airport’s short term car park to become the largest rooftop solar install in South Australia and Australia’s largest car park install.

Beefing up Biogas

Bindaree Beef, one of Australia’s largest meat processors has installed a new biogas facility that transforms organic waste into methane to create electricity.

Adelaide becomes carbon neutral

Climate change is set to have a big impact in South Australia. According to a recent government report, temperatures are predicted to rise by up to 1.5 degrees Cels...

Renewables are king

The King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project aims to reduce King Island’s reliance on diesel fuel and cut its energy costs by $4.5 million a year.

Melbourne Says Yes

Melbourne has set itself an ambitious but inspiring target of zero net emissions by 2020. For this goal to be realised, businesses, residents and organisations need...