Become a Climate Health Champion

The Climate and Health Alliance provides training to health professionals to build their understanding about the links between climate change and health, and to learn how to use their status as trusted and respected professionals to advocate for change.

Oh No

Climate change has been described as the “greatest threat to global health this century”. Climate change is contributing to record breaking temperatures which is causing more frequent extreme weather events and is impacting our natural ecosystems and social structures in ways that negatively affect human health. 

Oh Yes

The good news is that action on climate change provides the greatest health opportunity of the 21st century. Many strategies to tackle climate change are “no-regret” options, as they lead to direct reductions in the burden of ill-health, enhance community resilience, alleviate poverty, and address inequity.

If we talk about climate change as a health issue it helps people understand it as an issue that affects them personally and can provide stronger motivation to support climate action.

Join in

Health professionals are encouraged to use their position as trusted and respected voices to highlight the opportunities for better health from climate action to influence their colleagues, decision-makers and the wider community.

A previous participant in the Climate Health Champions program reports: “This workshop harnessed the passion, care and concern that I have for the environment and equipped me with the skills, strategies and tools needed in order to turn me into an effective change maker.”

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